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It's Big, It's Heavy, It's Wood!

Ok, Ok. So it's not heavy, and it's not wood. (Apologies to Renn & Stimpy.) But it is "Big", and it is "Better Than Bad". Logging is the practice of keeping a special record of computer events. In the case of Savant, the "events" are people looking at stuff on your web site. The log files are simple text files - you can look at them in Windows Notepad, your favorite word processor, or even the MS-DOS command line. Taken as a whole, the log files created by Savant allow you to see who looked at what on your web site when. This can help you to identify popular areas of your web site, and areas that nobody bothers with. It can also give you an idea of who's looking at your site, and how you can target your content to attract them. Savant creates three log files - the General Log keeps a transaction-by-transaction record of every file request made to Savant; the Hit Log keeps a record of how many times each individual file on your site was accessed; and the Reference Log keeps track of which clients have accessed files, and how often they've accessed them.

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