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The Users Property Sheet

Creating A New User: To create a new user, click on the New User button in the property page labeled "Users". A dialog box will appear, asking you for a user name and a password. Except for length, there are no restrictions on the user name or password. Neither is case-sensitive, so the usage or non-usage of capital letters doesn't matter.

Editing A User: To edit a user's name and password, click on the user's name in the list box, then click on the Edit User button. The dialog box that appears contains the values for the current user's name and password. After you edit these fields to your satisfaction, press the OK button inside the dialog box to save your changes.

Deleting A User: To delete a user, click on their name in the list box, then click on the Delete User button. If you accidentally delete a user, you can click on the Cancel button to discard the changes you've made inside the configuration program.

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