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The Groups Property Sheet

Creating A New Group: To create a new group, click on the New Group button in the Groups property page. A dialog box will appear, with every user on your server in a list box on the left-hand side and an empty list box on the right hand side. Between the two boxes appear two buttons, with arrows pointing left and right. To make a user a member of the group you are creating, highlight their user name by clicking on it with the mouse, then click the button pointing to the right hand list box. Their user name will disappear from the list of users, and reappear in the list of group members. If you want to remove a user from the list of group members, highlight their name, then click the arrow pointing to the left-hand list box. Don't forget to pick a name for the group, and type it in the field labeled Group Name.

Editing A Group: To edit a group, highlight its name in the list box by clicking on it. Then click on the Edit Group button to display a dialog box like the one above. This dialog box contains all of the data about the group. You may add and remove users from the group or change the group's name in this dialog box.

Deleting A Group: To delete a group in Savant, click on the group's name in the list box to highlight it. Then click on the Delete Group button. If you delete a group by mistake, you can click on the Cancel button to discard all of the changes you've made since you started the configuration utility or last clicked the Apply button.

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