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How Do I Set Up CGI Scripts?

To use a CGI script or program with your web site, place it in the cgi-bin subdirectory of the Savant directory, usually located at C:\Savant. Reference the CGI script or program using HTML forms, or a direct reference if the CGI generates an image that you wish to include in your web page.

Note that Savant only sets up the .pl extension for use with the Perl interpreter. If you want Perl to interpret files that end in the .cgi extension, you need to associate that extension with the Perl interpreter in Windows. The easiest way to do this? Right-click on a file with the .cgi extension, and select the "Open With" option from the context menu that appears. Make sure the "Always use this program to open this file" checkbox is checked, and select the Perl interpreter from the list of programs. Click the OK button, and ignore the funky error that appears. The .cgi extension is now associated with the Perl interpreter.

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