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Network Down

Savant was unable to detect a valid network connection. Savant requires a valid TCP/IP network to start up. Once Savant has started, it will continue to run regardless of network service fluctuations. In other words, Savant will not start without a valid TCP/IP network but if your network goes down then comes back up Savant will continue to service requests normally. Since Savant cannot properly initialize its services without a valid TCP/IP network connection, Savant shuts down upon receipt of this error.

This error is almost always the fault of your network connection. It can sometimes be caused by a TCP/IP fault.

To solve this problem, try the following steps:

  1. Restart your computer to clear any existing TCP/IP fault.
  2. Verify that your TCP/IP network connection is valid.
  3. Re-install your TCP/IP implementation in the Network dialog of the Control Panel to correct a possibly corrupted TCP/IP implementation.

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