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Failure To Create CGI Process

Savant could not create a process to run a Common Gateway Interface application. When this error occurs, an HTML-formatted error message is sent to the client, and Savant continues to service file requests normally.

This error usually has its roots in either a lack of system resources or a misconfiguration of Savant.

To solve this problem, try the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have enough memory for the CGI program or script to be executed.
  2. If the CGI application is a script, verify that you have the proper interpreter (usually the Perl 5 interpreter) installed on the server.
  3. Savant uses the Windows file manager to determine which interpreter to execute a script with. This error will result if the script has an extension that isn't associated with a specific interpreter in the Windows file system. For example, a Perl script with the extension .pl must be associated with the perl.exe interpreter. By default, Savant 3.0 sets up the proper associations for Perl.

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