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What Is Savant?

Savant is a full-featured open source web server written for computers running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT including Windows 2000. Savant is fast, secure, easy-to-use, and best of all, it's free!

Savant provides support for most modern web features and technologies, including:

  • HTTP/1.1 with keep-alive support
  • CERN/NCSA Common Log Format logging, including browser and referrer entries
  • Performance logs and error logs
  • Configurable logging
  • Server-side image maps
  • CGI/1.1
  • WinCGI
  • ISAPI Application support
  • User-based password protection
  • Limit access by IP addresses
  • Easy install/uninstall
  • Graphical Configuration
  • User-defined MIME Types
  • Aliasing & file system mapping
  • Simple directory listings
  • Optional reverse DNS lookups
  • Process control
  • Perl for Win32 Included
  • Monitoring Console
  • Online help
  • Realtime status display
  • Complete source code for server and configuration utility available
  • Web-based support system
  • Support mailing lists

Savant uses an optimized server core designed to service HTTP requests as fast as your network connection will allow. Under test conditions, a copy of Savant 3.0 running on a 350 MHz Pentium II with 64 MB of RAM served over 100 simultaneous connections with less than a few milliseconds of time elapsing between the client request and the server response. Old hardware doesn't detract from Savant - it'll still serve hundreds of simultaneous clients on older 486 and Pentium hardware.

Advanced security protection is provided by watchdog processes built into the Savant system that detect and block activity that could compromise server security. Savant limits itself to using a precise amount of your computer's system resources, preventing malicious attempts to cause system instability. Savant also carefully monitors CGI scripts and password-protected directories for attempted hacking.

Easy To Use
Savant is installed by an industry-standard graphical InstallShield script, making software installation a snap. Savant is configured using a graphical utility instead of messy configuration files and command line options, and provides a graphical control console window that allows you to control Savant and watch user activity in real-time. Just in case you run into problems, Savant comes with extensive online documentation.

That's right - Savant is 100% completely free for all usage. You can run a commercial web site off of it, give it away to other people, mirror it for download on your own server, and even include it in your own software distributions. Have fun!

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