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Have a question you want answered or just want to learn more about Savant's features? You've found the right place! If the documentation below doesn't answer your question, you should file a support request and a developer will get back to you as soon as possible.

General Documentation

1. Welcome
General Information
2. Getting Started
For The Impatient
3. Savant Components
Server Core
Configuration Utility
Control Console
4. Configuring Savant
HTTP - The Nitty Gritty Dirt
    DNS, Ports, Index Files, And You
    The HTTP Property Sheet
CGI - The Gateway
    Midnight In The Gateway Of Good And Evil
    The CGI Property Sheet
Processes - Rope And Ride Your Processor!
    What Has Your Process Done For You Lately?
    The Processes Property Sheet
Logging - It's Better Than Bad, It's Good!
    It's Big, It's Heavy, It's Wood!
    The Logging Property Sheet
Paths - Over The Hills And Through The Woods...
    Here An HTTP Path, There A FAT Path
    The Paths Property Sheet
Users - Baaaa!
    Restricting Server Resources
    The Users Property Sheet
Groups - Cliques That Click!
    Classifying Users
    The Groups Property Sheet
MIME - The Silent Ones
    MIME Types And You
    The MIME Property Sheet
5. How Do I...
Replace The Default Page With My Own Stuff?
Set Up CGI Scripts?
Get Savant Source Code?
6. Errors And Troubleshooting
Savant Errors
    Couldn't Bind Socket
    Failure To Create Asynchronous Event
    Failure To Create Socket
    Failure To Start Listening Socket
    Failure To Start WinSock
    Failure Waiting For An Available Thread
    Network Down
    Process Snafu
    Registry Has Been Corrupted. Re-Install Savant.
    Acceptance Field Truncated
    Accept-Language Field Truncated
    Authorization Field Truncated
    Buffer Overflow In Image Map
    Connection Field Truncated
    Content-Encoding Field Truncated
    Content-Length Field Truncated
    Content-Type Field Truncated
    Couldn't Convert File Times
    Date Field Truncated
    Error Closing Registry Key
    Failure To Clean Up WinSock
    Failure To Convert ASCTime Time String
    Failure To Convert RFC 822 Time String
    Failure To Convert RFC 850 Time String
    Failure To Create CGI Process
    Failure To Create CGI StdErr Pipe
    Failure To Create CGI StdIn Pipe
    Failure To Create Directory Listing
    File I/O Error
    From Field Truncated
    If-Modified-Since Field Truncated
    Invalid Client Socket
    Invalid Or Missing File Time
    MIME Version Field Truncated
    Parse Error In Image Map
    Pragma Field Truncated
    Referrer Field Truncated
    TCP Buffer Overflow
    Unexpected Region Value In Image Map
    Unknown Message
    User Agent Field Truncated
HTTP Errors
    400 - HTTP Version Not Supported
    403 - Forbidden
    404 - File Not Found
    405 - Method Not Supported
    500 - Internal Server Error
    501 - Internal Server Error
7. Contacting the Author
Snail Mail

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